French Toast in the Afternoon


french toast in the afternoon

Pain Perdue at River’s Edge, 801 Decatur St, French Quarter, New Orleans



Lying in bed at J's waiting for her alarm to go off at 7am.

I am very anxious. I know it won't get him here sooner, but it's causing me to rush and not relax and enjoy.

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Lincoln Logs

Walking on a mountain aligns all my Lincoln Logs and all is right with the world, and I get to do it again today.

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Kansas Adventure; not Vacation

Morgan Family City Tour: we see it all while hunting for a Starbucks. Much more thorough than Old Town Trolley Tours. Today's Tour: Downtown Kansas City. 
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J is driving, Vicki navigating.
Vicki: "Turn on Parallel Parkway".
J: " Parallel park?! I don't know how to parallel park!".
Mom: "She's so blonde".
Joey: "You're so mean"
I'm going to kill her! We can't park near the restrooms because we have to park in the Dorothy Lot!

February 20 at 1:36pm via iPhone

Junction City, Kansas. Oh Em Gee. Had to change rooms twice. In the first room the lamp sparked when turned on. The second the TV had red & blue lines but no picture.
No cell service except outside in front of the room next door. We are having a primitive adventure! After a break in civilization for dinner. (We probably should have tried the toilet before leaving).
I'm having such fun. Apartment sitting the movers. One of them just came tearing out of the office asking Blaise what to do with his live grenades. Fortunately another of them recognized them as non- live before panic ensued. Phew.
Manhattan KS signature drink – for breakfast! The Chef Sunrise.

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Moving anecdotes: I'm sent on an errand to ship a Stetson from the Pack & Send. I reach in to get my wallet and have to pull out 3 Winchester boxes. The movers can't take ammunition so they were conveniently tucked in the mother's backpack. The clerk was unamused.

Moving anecdotes: son taking advantage of the Irish Catholic Mother Guilt he claims to hate —
Relocation Specialist:"Blaise, do you want me to pack this pile of dirty laundry?".
Mother: "Wait a minute, the mother is sitting right here, you expect me to let that happen?".
Blaise: "Can you leave an empty box, my mom is going to wash it?" (smiling).
Relocation Specialist: "I'll leave two".
Moving anecdotes:
Mom: "Blaise! The shower is DIRTY!".
Blaise: "That shower curtain really hid a lot! I'm paying to have someone clean.".
Irish Catholic Mother: "You can't let cleaning people see this".
An hour later-
Relocation Specialist: "I'm sorry ma'am, but can I use the bathroom? Ah, I really think you need a pressure washer."
Right Now in Manhattan, KS (66502)

It's 18°F, Sunny

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I am sitting in the service waiting area of Dick Edwards Ford. I have moved in with my backpack and electronics, and a GIANT empty rucksack that is waiting for a ride. I am alone save for a couple of antisocial strangers avoiding eye contact. I think I'll hang here until they run out of donuts.

I'm considering pinning a note to the rucksack with his address and sending him on the free shuttle. He refuses to walk and is making wandering & exploring difficult. He dragged his feet when I tried to take him in the ladies room. I swear I heard him squeal "I NOT a y'ady!"

Do you know that if Kansas gets a lot of snow they'll get a good wheat crop? Some farmers have joined my antisocial crowd. There is speculation about the electric car and it's $2200 charger. It will get you all the way to Topeka, but you may have to stay the night before you come back.
The rucksack finally got a ride. Thankfully! He was such an albatross. I'm going to wander outside to ascertain my location. And perhaps some food.
Dick Edwards Ford has free WiFi. And cable tv. I may move in here.
Once again, we got distracted in a bookstore…
Vicki II, uninitiated FL driver drove 20 miles in a snowstorm. Easy Mac & Ding Dongs for dinner because she's never getting back in the car.

New York: Food & Family

Following bad weather in Ft Myers and NY, and boarding twice, we arrived at JFK late.  The flight was very smooth considering the weather. Had to take the Airtrain to rental cars which was a ways, but the renting was painless, as was the drive to Kathi’s.  I love GPS.  However, my mother thought the flight was horrible, the airport too large and the drive nerve wracking so perhaps I’ve become hardened.

I think we finally went to bed around 1:30 once all the greetings were done.  I know I took a long while to fall asleep, but I was comfortable in Danielle’s room.  I woke at 6:30 and forced myself to go back to sleep.  Lack of sleep and ensuing cranky is the bane of vacation for me.  I then woke at 9:30, made iced tea from tea Claudine had brought back from Ireland.  It was strong and wonderful.  We all went to the backporch/deck/patio.  The smell of the air is nostalgic.  They have a vegetable garden.

John made egg sandwiches on hardrolls.  I took one bite and had the urge to share.

I had forgotten about hardrolls.  We can’t get them in FL.  I wonder if I find them so wonderful because I can never have them.  The outside is hard and crusty, but only in a very thin layer.  The inside is soft and perfect for soaking up egg yolk.

It wasn’t long before that got a reaction:

Blaise0507Icon_lock@Vickianne1 that hard roll looks fuckin amazing! Now Im starving.11:39 AM Aug 22ndfrom web in reply to Vickianne1

VickiBarry@Vickianne1 Oh man. That looks so good. I want one!12:52 PM Aug 22nd from TwitterGadget in reply to Vickianne1


Vickianne1 Settling down in the hotel with a chick flick- girls night. We got FunnyBones! Forgot about those, too.8:35 PM Aug 23rd from Tweetie

jaimejo22@Vickianne1 HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!!! I NEED A FUNNY BONE!! I was ordering them direct from the manufacterer for a while.8:02 AM Aug 24th from webin reply to Vickianne1

Vickianne1If it’s Monday, this must be Wurtsboro. This trip has that surreal feel of a whirlwind, or maybe a tornado.7:08 AM Aug 24th from Tweetie

VickiBarry@Vickianne1 I think that’s the lack of sleep. most of our trips feel that way to me.



jaimejo22@Vickianne1 Hey! I remember that stuff in that cup! Is that the bread pudding I used to eat while vic was at ballet practice?2:13 PM Aug 24th fromTwitterGadget in reply to Vickianne1

VickiBarry@Vickianne1 what do you think the chances are of one of those traveling well? Probably not good, huh? Too bad. they’re my funny bones.1:49 PM Aug 24th from TwitterGadget in reply to Vickianne1

I wanted to go to Tony’s for dinner so suggested to Uncle Jimi.  Of course they aren’t open on Monday so we went to his second choice Ruby Tuesday.  I was able to tell the server it was his birthday while he was making his way to the table so they surprised him after dinner.

As my last true ancestor, I asked what he remembered most of his father.  He paused for a moment and then said, “He liked movies.”  He worked on Long Island packing milk and his only day off was Thursday and they would always go to a movie.  Aunt Joan would sit in the front row, looking up at the screen and she would stay to watch the movie again.  Uncle Jimi said his mom would ask where he left his sister.  His parent’s were both widowed and lived across the street from one another.  His father with his youngest daughter (my grandmother) and his mother.  He had three siblings from each:  Margaret, Stanley and Jennie May Seaman and Lester, Raymond and Louise Smith.

Little Poe Peep Takes a Journey

Jaime Jo and I have been planning a trip to San Francisco since December or so.  Those who know us will not be surprised that we are booked, packed and ready to go.  Our flights are not until the 23rd.   We meet in Atlanta where we are booked  in row 19, E & F.  Since I spent almost a week in Arizona last year AND hiked the Grand Canyon with one carry-on and a back-pack I challenged J to do the same.  It was a fun challenge and prompted a hunt for lightweight hiking pants, shipped to and fro.  But the challenge was met with success.  I have been packed for so long I am inclined to go through my suitcase again just for the fun of seeing all I fit in there.

You will notice Little Poe Peep hitching a ride.  Poe is my new muse. She will be blogging from San Francisco.


Comments from LiveJournal

Vjj97    Submitted on 2009/05/07 at 12:39 pm

OMG! That is so cute! And I love her name. Glad you can get some sort of use out of your stuffed Peeps. Can I expect to see Little Poe Peep in pictures of the sights?

Vickianne     Submitted on 2009/05/07 at 1:49 pm | In reply to vjj97.

Little Poe Peep

That is the plan – she stimulates my creativity. And prompts me to dig out my camera. I’ve begun a folder on Fotki “The Adventures of Little Poe Peep”.

Vjj97    Submitted on 2009/05/07 at 1:58 pm | In reply to vickianne.

Re: Little Poe Peep

I’m going to Fotki right now to look. That’s so awesome.




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