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Early on a Saturday morning there is a booming knock on my front door.  I corral the dogs and answer, seeing a crew cab pickup on the street.

A large, bald man wearing an un-tucked golf shirt, says, “Hi, I’m..” so and so, “a Lee County deputy, and I’m running for Sheriff”.

He’d left a leaflet in the door when I didn’t answer immediately and it had fallen into my hands.  Holding back investigative canines, I tell him I’ll read it.

Lee County has a good Sheriff, I wouldn’t have looked at other candidates.

I looked at this man who braved my guard dogs to speak to me.  He made eye contact, made no attempt to sell himself and looked me in the eye when he sincerely said, “Thank you for your son’s service’, before he turned to walk away.

The encounter left me thinking my grandfather probably voted for people he met on his front porch.

It left me thinking it may be time for change. After all, hasn’t life shown me “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” often means, “it’s good enough not to be worth the fear of change”.

It left me feeling a large respect for this young man who believes in something enough to knock on doors to introduce the prospect of change.

“Change creates the threat of loss and the threat of loss creates resistance”. – author unknown


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victory has defeated you

“Victory has defeated you.”

“The Dark Knight Rises”,  Bane to Batman after he’s beaten him (Christopher and Jonathon Nolan)

I was struck by the meaning, causing me to search my own quotes, and although there may be one better, I found, “A hungry man is happy because he believes in food”.

It’s a nagging in my soul not easily shared.

I’ve been victorious, I’ve not been hungry for a long while and there is little fight in me.  I have no goal, I am content, but the feeling is something close to arrogant and that concerns me on some level.  I can’t escape the feeling that there is somewhere I’m meant to be, something I’m meant to do, perhaps someone I’m meant to connect with.

The movie was fast paced and certain things felt odd, but the ending was epic – both in it heroics and its chronicle.  For you find that none of the evil was evil, in and of itself.  Every fight was a fight born of pain and suffering.  The antagonists were motivated by their own misguided morals and passions.

You only get one soul

A Journal

“A Journal. – a book that shall contain a record of all your joy – your extacy”.

H.D.Thoreau 13 Jul 1852 in his journal.

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