My Favorite Holiday Candy:  Anyone who knows me can answer that question!   PEEPS. 

I don't recall when I first had one (how long have they been around?)

One of my favorite pictures is of my eldest daughter at around 8 months old on her first Easter.  We had recently moved to Florida and she was sitting on the front l lawn of her grandmother's house.  She was born with a lot of dark hair and looked great in yellow, so naturally she was wearing her first yellow Easter dress, hair in pigtails.  She was sitting with a blowup bunny that was taller than she was, whom she was offering a bite of her PEEP.  It's absolutely precious.   She had a couple licks of a candy cane on her first Christmas, but that PEEP would have been only the second piece of candy in her life.  (She was nutritionally overprotected – never had a sip of soda until she was 5 and went to a kindergarten birthday party).

Last Easter she bought me two sets of stuffed PEEPS – the chicks and the bunnies.  I keep the yellow chick on my desk at home, and the purple on my desk at work – they make me smile.

Needless to say, my children received PEEPS from the Easter bunny EVERY year.  Carefully and lovingly packed into colorful plastic eggs, one at a time  (Florida = invasion of the ants).  I believe my son,  (not nearly as cute on his first Easter) took great pleasure in informing me that they all HATE PEEPS, at some point in his late teenage years.  I was stunned.  Who does not like PEEPS?!

Several years ago my younger daughter, Jaime Jo, gave me PEEPS MAKER for Easter!   This Easter I got PEEPS from Jaime and Jessica and Heidi.  (They quite often gift me with other holiday PEEPS as well).

Do you know there is an entire Food Network episode on PEEPS?


Listen my children, and you shall hear…..

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I have this set of books given to my mother, with my grandmother’s inscription on the flyleaf:  Mary Elizabeth Snyder, 29 Genung St, Middletown, N.Y.  Christmas 1946.

There are 10 Junior Classics, but I always loved the orange one.  Because on page 220 was my favorite verse.  Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  I memorized the beginning stanzas as a child, an elementary school child.

Today I am pondering that child. I loved that book, I treasured that book.   I loved that poem and read it over and over.   When assigned to memorize a poem in school, I already had it done.  As I’m looking at the book today, I recognize many of the poems and know I had read them.
But none had such meaning for me.  I recall disliking poetry in school.  I never understood the hidden messages.

I understood Longfellow.  I understood the story he was telling.  I loved that it rhymed. What an odd little girl I was.

Still today I treasure books, I love to hold them and leaf through them.  I love the stories of American history.  I only like poetry that rhymes.  I’ve never given much thought to the person I was and the person I am, that maybe much is the same.

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