Rainy Days and Wrecks Don’t Always Get Me Down

Tonight I’m thinking of how the universe works for us.

I drove my brother around today to secure a medical card required for his CDL drivers license. As is often the case in this family, he somehow did not receive prior notice and today was the deadline.

It’s cold (it’s all relative you non-Floridians) and rainy. I’m totally garish in my orange slicker and plaid wellies and I took every opportunity to refill my Starbucks mothership travel cup with hot black tea. Mostly I drove and sat in parking lots reading on Kindle.

Needless to say, the day went poorly and it’s a 3-2 count, but he’s got an appointment at 5pm with the last chance doctor (#3).

As most natives know, driving in Florida rain is risky, very risky, but I’ve gone many years without mishap.

Until today at 4:45 when we are exactly 15 minutes from the doctor’s office. I stop in traffic and hear that familiar skidding noise that precedes wrenching sheet metal. I look to the right lane and traffic is flowing. I look in the mirror and see a windshield much too close, a split second before the bump.

Sam jumps out of the car, so I follow. Clearly the women behind us is very alarmed by this as we are on a 6 lane highway and abandoned our vehicle. She starts exclaiming, “Your car is not even hurt”. I look. It’s absolutely unscathed. Her bumper is now bearing the template of my trailer hitch.

Sam is still ranting when we all notice the next car in line behind us is suddenly flashing blue lights from it’s roof. I jump back into my vehicle and move into the left turn lane; the perpetrator follows suit.

As I walk back to the patrol car, the deputy is saying to Sam, “Where’s your shirt?” He’s wearing his uniform pants, but not the shirt. I’m thinking, “Our lucky day if we’ve any hope of renewing a CDL today.”

Yup, my brother is a professional driver, out of shape and confined to home, but drives heavy duty wreckers contracted to law enforcement in the county. For those not in the know, this involves constant contact with all road patrol law enforcement officers. Sam’s a friendly guy. Sam makes friends of everyone. Today it paid off.

The deputy ascertained there were no injuries and asked if we’d like to pursue an accident report. I declined. The perpetrator thought about it, but also declined as I was pointing out she had skidded into me, but without damage to me or mine, blah, blah….

We’re back on the road in 10 minutes. It’s a rainy day wreck miracle. I advise Sam to call the doctor’s office with news of our delay, as I speed off into traffic with one eye on the deputy I know is behind us.

We pull up at 5:01, things are going well. I’ve been reading for about 20 minutes when Sam comes out with a new medical card.

He’s downright jolly and relays the whole visit, ending with the doctor pointing out that his blood pressure was out of the approved range, but he would overlook it this time. Seeing as Sam had just been in a car wreck on his way in. Another rainy day wreck miracle.


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