Destiny Around the Bend

Sometimes I question whether I believe in fate and destiny. Maybe destiny is like a rainbow – we all have an opportunity curve and we alone determine where we land on it.  We can stay at the bottom, in the mud, or we can climb.  And even if we climb we may slide down the other side into the mud again.

Or maybe it’s like Piestawa Peak, that I climbed the other day.  I could stand at the bottom looking up, admiring the view. Or I could have such a curiosity about the view from the top that I took a step, and another, and another.   I climbed.  

In me there is something compelling that makes me climb that mountain, take off down that road, turn into that alley, go, go, go, somewhere new. I had to scramble up rocks, stretch to a high step, round corners and wait for gila monsters to slither away, back away from cacti.  But I climbed.

Destiny isn’t going to be handed us on a platter.  We have to take it,with both hands and all the will we have. And maybe we have to accept that we get almost to the top, but aren’t going to make it before the sun sets. Nearing the top we have to be very aware of the danger – we could so easily slip and fall to the ground. We could so easily misstep and be left alone and disabled, fearing the mountain lions at dusk. Destiny is where we are willing to go to find it, and how willing we are to protect our spot on the mountain.


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