God Bless, Texas

If I indulged in profanity I would have been muttering &$@? Louisiana all afternoon.

In the people friendly state of Florida, we have rest areas at very frequent intervals along the highway. Close enough to the highway that you peel in, jump out of the car and can pee in a matter of minutes.

The southern sensibilities of Louisiana seem to require that toilets be hidden in Welcome Centers or Tourist Information Centers that require you not only exit the highway, but travel up to a mile down a curving, tree lined drive to reach some plantation style structure in which the restrooms are housed. They do offer free coffee, but you should be disinclined to partake once you consider the trials and tribulations of peeing on the road in the state.

It seems that, save for their shining jewel of New Orleans, the entire state highway system is through or suspended by bridge over alligator habitat. You are warned to utilize Food and Gas at the last exit before a 20 mile bridge. But still …. no rest area.

As I crossed the state line I pulled into a BIG Welcome Center right on the side of the highway, with parking at the end of the path to the restrooms. I’m sure I yelled aloud, to no one near, GOD BLESS, TEXAS!


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