victory has defeated you

“Victory has defeated you.”

“The Dark Knight Rises”,  Bane to Batman after he’s beaten him (Christopher and Jonathon Nolan)

I was struck by the meaning, causing me to search my own quotes, and although there may be one better, I found, “A hungry man is happy because he believes in food”.

It’s a nagging in my soul not easily shared.

I’ve been victorious, I’ve not been hungry for a long while and there is little fight in me.  I have no goal, I am content, but the feeling is something close to arrogant and that concerns me on some level.  I can’t escape the feeling that there is somewhere I’m meant to be, something I’m meant to do, perhaps someone I’m meant to connect with.

The movie was fast paced and certain things felt odd, but the ending was epic – both in it heroics and its chronicle.  For you find that none of the evil was evil, in and of itself.  Every fight was a fight born of pain and suffering.  The antagonists were motivated by their own misguided morals and passions.


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