I've recently become aware that green seems to have edged out red as my favorite color.

I'm cross legged on my bed with my lap desk, a cup of tea in a dark red tea cup and saucer, and a little pink brocade case that I found in my mother's purse after she died.  I'm keeping my colored pens in it.

I miss her today…..

When I let my guard down grief wants to take hold.  Like opening the only drawer in the kitchen I haven't emptied when I needed a bulb for my plaid kitchen lamp and I know she has some there.

The grief wants to take hold.  But I don't let it.  Not yet.  I'm not sure I can deal with it.

I want to hold the book I journal in, open it, write in it, in color, but sometimes the words won't come. 

So I look for something to prompt me.

Sometimes it works.


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