Now what?

So after you’ve created yourself in the image of what you envisioned as a child, you have the office and the title and the 401(k) and the HSA; and the house and the dog and the KitchenAid mixer, then what?

You’ve raised the kids and the husbands and the dogs.  You’re at the top of your career.  What do you do now?

I waited so long for my life to begin, and then it exploded in crazy, and suddenly,  ‘here I am’.  Don’t know how I got here, don’t remember much of it, but here I am.  I’m smarter and wiser and confident and totally fine with who I am.   (I reconciled myself long ago that my career was not going to take place in Manhattan).  There’s no work left to do.

It’s probably bad that I’ve arrived without savoring the journey, and perhaps I should make an effort to remember and treasure the time since about…….what,  1972?



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