Feelings, Not Thoughts, On War

My grandfather, who had the most influence on my early life, was very patriotic. His grandparent’s were immigrants and had a great impact on him. I was raised to believe America is the greatest country in the world and I feel very proud that we help the oppressed and terrorized every where. Perhaps that influenced my son. I feel confident in our military experts and would never dream of questioning where they need to act.

One of the saddest moments in history is General Patton’s death in a car accident; he should have died in battle. Blaise is a warrior; a calm and safe life is not his destiny. He is prepared to die in combat, expects that he will and has, in no uncertain terms, demanded that I deal with that. Should he be injured or die I am not to dishonor his memory with hysterics to the media, I am not to speak out against the war, I am to be nothing but proud of my son’s sacrifice for freedom and justice. We have discussed it all at length.

I would be devastated to lose my son and never be the same again. But fearful for his life or grieving his life, I will above all act in a way that honors him. My feelings of pride in his life and his choices will rise above fear or grief. I am prepared for that, he expects it of me and he is worthy of no less.


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