Star Trek, Timing and Alternate Reality

Yesterday I went over to Vicki’s to watch the new Star Trek movie on Joe’s new PS3/Blu Ray player. I was fascinated with Star Trek back in the 60’s, but never latched on to the subsequent movies. This movie was good – a prequel that is almost believable, though shifty in its timing explained by an ‘alternate reality’. The characters were wonderful, and original Spock makes an appearance. I stopped and bought a copy on the way home so I can sort it out. Do normal people do that? Or just my children and I?

I came out of Walmart $150 less because their movies are so cheap, and Jaime/Neil set me up with a DVD to iPhone video converter that makes the movies half the size of iTunes. Thus I’ve scrapped my plan of buying only eMovies. Thankfully Snow White was not back in the vault – it’s been on my list for a very long time, and perhaps one day I can share it with a granddaughter. Then there was the new Batman and Harry Potter I hadn’t snatched up immediately. Cinderella Story and Another for $7.50 – how could I not? Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant and II, $9.00. Star Trek and Four Christmases both came with eFiles. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past tugged me to watch again. I watched it on an airplane this summer, somewhere over the country. (J would be so proud, and that I came home and added them to my DVD list in Evernote, and filed them alphabetically in my DVD binder).

I am sitting in front of my Christmas tree drinking hot tea brewed from leaves of black, white and green, contemplating blogging and photographs and timing. And whether timing matters. In Star Trek? In Blogging?

I have stashed the instruction book to my new camera in a very safe place. When I unearth it I will determine how to save photos to the SD card, eliminating the need to tether the entire camera to the computer to download the pictures.


My daughter, Vicki II, and Granddogs – Stumpy and Captain Jack.  Stumpy refused to pose – he wanted to sniff my camera.  I waved him away, told him to ‘go get Jack’, so this is the best I get.  He is the sweetest, most gently puppy I find it hard to believe he skinned a rabbit and brought it to his people for Christmas.

One further thought – I have one Grandchild and three Granddogs.  That may have been fated.  God knows I’ve always preferred dogs to people.  But listen up God, that did not include GRANDCHILDREN!

A few weeks ago Vicki and I were oohing and ahhing over a tremendous doll house in Toys R Us.  Joey was off with my iPhone thumbing his Christmas list into notes.  He walked up as I was lamenting, 

Grandmama: “I want a granddaughter.”  

Joey: “I want a brother.”

Grandmama:  “Oh, look!  There are cookies in the oven!  Do you mind if he’s gay?”



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