New Adventures

Although I won’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I can plan that this will be a year of new adventures.  I wouldn’t buy myself a kayak because I am afraid of alligators, but Blaise bought me one.  I will enjoy it very much.

Vicki bought me a book I wanted, “Blogging for Bliss”, and I’ve been leafing through it.  The best blogs are those full of images, and the author, a popular blogger, admits that she writes best when inserting a photo first.  I got a new Nikon SLR for Christmas too, and it is amazing.  There are beautiful photo opportunities on this island and I’m looking forward to pursuing them.

Blaise took the photo above on his iPhone, from the dock, of my maiden voyage in my new little boat.  I’m told it needs a name and I will contemplate that.  I had never been in a kayak before, but it’s similar to a canoe and I took off paddling before it stopped rocking.

All of my life I have had a need to be outdoors.  Nature is peaceful to me as nothing else is.  Engaging it with hiking, biking or rowing and there is my heaven.

I don’t like years that end in zero; it’s my history that makes me wary, but things are well.  My holidays were filled with my family, baking, cooking and old Christmas tree ornaments. My To Do List is alive and well, but not lethal and I have high hopes of conquering it.  My job is overwhelming this time of year, but allows me to feel very accomplished.  Fewer responsibilities allow me to live more for the moment and I find I love that freedom, although I tend to get caught up in something particular to the neglect of all else.  I am going to strive for more balance.  I have read 6 books since Monday and forced myself to stop and write, take a photo, knit a row, watch football, enjoy the Christmas Tree.


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