I am thankful for Vicki, who has always been an introverted nonconformist much like I was as a teenager. I sold out to the white picket fence and she remained true to who she was. Grounded most of her teenage years, she could not be bent or broken. She never did anything really bad, I just didn’t know what to do with her. She values her family, is hardworking and has nothing to prove to anyone. She is a fierce mother and always treats her son as a smart and valuable person. Incredibly smart and aware, she is deep and emotional, and never appears to be what she is not. She has simple tastes and simple things make her happy. She is most comfortable inside herself. She prefers her own company and never pretends to like anyone. If she likes you, she sincerely likes you. If you cross her you will never be forgiven. Today Vicki and Joe and Joey are coming to my house for dinner. I am so happy they live near.

I am thankful for Jaime who shot for the white picket fence AND the great job, and got both. Her goals may waiver and vary, but her self discipline never does. If Jaime wants it she will overcome all obstacles and grab it with single-minded focus. Not making her popular at Disney World when each member of the family is headed elsewhere and she’s got the map, but making her very successful at whatever she chooses to do. Jaime is ambitious, has lofty expectations and does what she has to do. She is smart and self contained and not overly emotional, but can be incredibly kind when it’s called for. She is always the helpful one doing dishes after dinner. She has created a home filled with things that she likes, and that is where she is most comfortable. She is the most friendly, but dislikes people the most. Today Jaime and Neil are making a home-cooked dinner complete with pies.

I am thankful for Blaise who has been obsessed with war and justice most of his life, and has now dedicated his life to both. I admit to smiling and shaking my head when he got caught poaching hog, when Vicki would have been grounded for a month, but I was a better mother by then. Blaise is the most versatile and the most flexible, he cooks and sews and leads soldiers. Blaise likes people the most, but is the most alone. Blaise is the funny entertainer, but is trained to kill. Blaise was the youngest in a houseful of women but came out of it the greatest leader. He is incredibly self aware and confident. He knows what he wants and quietly acquires it. He is the most emotionally and mentally stable. He is most comfortable with his partner, being half of a whole. Blaise has more integrity than anyone I know and has foolishly risked his career to stand on that integrity when it didn’t really matter. Because it mattered to him. Today Blaise is on 24 hour duty for his squadron and eating in the chow hall.

I am thankful for Joey who is becoming an amazing person before our very eyes. He is a nonconformist like his mother, and my second chance to do it right and let him be. Like this entire family, save Jaime, he has no idea what his goals are at his age and not even all that committed to eighth grade. I can still accept him unconditionally because I know when he’s 32 it won’t matter one little bit. He’s a great kid, bursting with unfocused potential.

I am thankful for Joe, fisherman, gardener and son-in-law extraordinaire. He would do anything I asked, so I try not to. He’s easygoing, friendly and a great provider . He is what makes my daughter and grandson a family; the glue that holds them together and I am in awe because my daughter cannot be any easier to live with than I am. He has been a great father and I am pleased that Joey looks so like him, and now acts, talks and laughs like him.

I am thankful to Neil, the techno wizard, who manages to keep Jaime sane and make a life with her. He is frighteningly smart, but humble, friendly and fun. Jaime’s perfect foil who coaxes her to be sociable because it’s good for her. He is a most perfect uncle to Joey and will be a great father. Family consensus holds that Jaime cannot have children without Neil to strike a balance. Jaime at her worst is a homicidal time bomb that ONLY Neil can diffuse. I will offer him money if he ever threatens to leave.

I am thankful to Jessica, Warrior Princess, who is more like me than any of my children. However, unlike me, her only focus is finding someone to take care of and I’m so thankful that was my son four years ago. She incites him, calms him and gives him someone other than himself to focus on. They are a true partnership. She is the most unselfish and giving person I know. Now the tiniest member of the family, she is the largest when she bustles in and takes charge and takes care of everyone around her. Today Jessica is somewhere between Germany and Afghanistan on her way back from leave here with us.



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vjj97:  Wow. Just wow. I feel safe in saying we are all thankful for having a mother that understands us so well. And I’d be willing to contribute to the Neil bribery fund., in order to save J & Joey’s relationship from any damage, if nothing else.


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