October Tweeting

Vickianne1Saving seats for Joey’s band concert; program lists him in trumpets. Nobody tells me anything. Last year he played drums.6:44 PM Oct 8th

Vickianne1Joey, the only percussionist in jazz band, played every piece, & wonderfully! I am so proud!8:07 PM Oct 8th

Fuzzy, but I got him…

 Vickianne1Only in FL: don’t choose the lane behind the beautiful black Mustang if you want to move. That poor horse is wasted on a slow old man.6:13 PM Oct 20th

Vickianne1Dear son, re: Orionid meteor showers tonight-“Peak activity is expected around 6 am ET”. I DO NOT have to get up in the middle of the night.8:25 PM Oct 20th

Vickianne1That Nook is pretty cool & I’ve already started a library;no one could sneer at my PILES of books;easy to evacuate them all in a hurricane.9:15 PM Oct 20th

Vickianne1I am really up, with brain engaged,@4:25am?  Should I buy a Nook, should I take Uncle Sam to see Jess, should I support the co holiday party? 4:28 AM Oct 21st

Vickianne1Alright, already – I’m still up, I may as well haul myself out to the deck, in the dark, to see what I can see in the way of shooting stars.                  5:24 AM Oct 21st

Vickianne1So, there I am in my chair, wrapped in a blanket, gazing up at the dipper thinking, this is meditation, living in the moment….. 5:52 AM Oct 21st

Vickianne1…when the neighbor’s air conditioner kicks in like a jet engine. Saw 3 or 4 shooting stars.Bet the view from the Grand Canyon was just it.                   5:55 AM Oct 21st

Vickianne1My pUniverse says Mars, Saturn, Venus & Mercury are all visible at the moment. I’m going back out.5:59 AM Oct 21st

Vickianne1Yeah, they are all rising in the east, over town – too much light. So, Orion, thanks for the early morning company.6:23 AM Oct 21st

Staff at work….

Vickianne1Only in FL: I am behind an old guy on a Gold Wing (motorcycle) bearing a handicap license tag.6:39 PM Oct 22nd

Vickianne1He’s hauling that handicap at a good 30mph.6:41 PM Oct 22nd

VickiBarry– does this make me a bad parent- boy had technical difficulties with his belt. when it finally latched, wouldn’t open again. …11:48 AM Oct 25th

VickiBarry  my response to this crisis? hope you don’t have to pee today. he finally pried it open & changed belts. problem solved! 11:50 AM Oct 25th

Vickianne1Driving between offices, reading the new Patricia Cornwell @ red lights.2:19 PM Oct 26th

Blaise0507 @Vickianne1 Is that better or worse than watching Twilight. Your head stone will read: iDead.3:23 PM Oct 26th

VickiBarry  @Blaise0507 Better, I think. EMS knowing you were watching Twilight is like them seeing your dirty underwear. At least in my mind.2:53 PM Oct 26th

VickiBarry  Have decided that my mother needs to teach a mgmnt seminar explaining that its OK to make an employee cry sometimes for company morale.9:10 AM Oct 26th

VickiBarry  Because right now, my fearless leaders are not helping morale & are not inspiring confidence because they don’t want tears. Get over it!9:11 AM Oct 26th

Vickianne1@VickiBarry do you want me to come over and make someone cry?11:15 AM Oct 28th

Vickianne1@VickiBarry My boss thinks my most valuable talent is calmly making people cry.1:28 PM Oct 26th

Vickianne1I would prefer my daughters be witches rather than princesses for Halloween…… internal vs external power? self aware vs self centered? 3:44 PM Oct 30th

Vickianne1It seems that a dog lick can ‘end call’ on iPhone. How cute! 3:45 PM Oct 30th


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