Amusing Tweets from My Son

Blaise0507:Spent most of yesterday with an Iraqi home-made 76mm rocket launcher in my BACKSEAT! Road rage? Me?! What did YOU do on Monday?11:22 AM Sep 29th from web

VickiBarry:  @Blaise0507 if I had gotten my hands on one of those yesterday, there’s a very real chance I would’ve used it. BTW, your job is scary.11:32 AM Sep 29th

Blaise0507@VickiBarry my jobs scary? You should have seen the KS drivers when I stuck that MFer out my window! Muhahahahaha!11:38 AM Sep 29th

VickiBarry @Blaise0507 Scarier than your job is the fact that they actually let you drive around with the thing. Don’t they know you at all?11:45 AM Sep 29th

Blaise0507@VickiBarry I should have taken it straight to the Museum, but couldn’t resist playing Mad Max instead. All I needed were those tight pants.12:02 PM Sep 29th

VickiBarry @Blaise0507 Sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth. You are a freak. Have I told you that lately?12:13 PM Sep 29th

Blaise0507@VickiBarry a freak with an insurgents rocket launcher…12:29 PM Sep 29th

VickiBarry @Blaise0507 told the boy your mad max story. he can’t wait to tell his friends why his uncle is more awesome than any of theirs.10:47 PM Sep 29th

Blaise0507: Bathroom is downstairs. Just learned there is a regulation that says I can’t pee out the window any more. Seems I wasn’t the first?2:20 PM Oct 2nd

Blaise0507: Is $7k too much to spend on a watch? I mean…Doc Ford has one?!6:05 PM Oct 4th

VickiBarry @Blaise0507 Your mother is going to do the walrus when she reads that. You know that, right?6:28 PM Oct 4th

Blaise0507:I’ve probably said this before but Rick Blane may be my all time Hero.7:51 PM Oct 10th

Vickianne1@ Blaise0507 who is Rick Blane?8:43 PM Oct 10th

Blaise0507@Vickianne1 I’m going to drink until I can forget that you asked that9:21 PM Oct 10th

 Vickianne1@Blaise0507 but why’s the rum gone?2:05 PM Oct 11th

Blaise0507 @Vickianne1 Rick from Cassablanca, the Cynic of Cynics…10:03 PM Oct 10th

Vickianne1: For the record, son, I have never watched Casablanca. You know how I dislike drama.10:22 AM Oct 11th

Blaise0507 If Mom accidentally calls me ONE MORE TIME we’re trading her iPhone for a Jitterbug, I sh@t you not.8:07 PM Oct 18th

VickiBarry @Blaise0507 She does that to me too. And every time, she tells me that you keep telling her to lock her phone.8:12 PM Oct 18th

Blaise0507@VickiBarry you’re not HEARING me. The JITTERBUG!9:14 PM Oct 18th


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