Old Memories, Thanksgiving & Apple Pie

18 Nov 2001

My daughter, who has raised a 6 year old without EVER cooking, asked for my apple pie recipe yesterday.  She’ll bring the pie for dinner.  I haven’t told her how apple pie is haunting me.  How it takes me straight to the last “normal” day I ever had with Mark.  How her father hated pumpkin pie, but so loved the first apple pie I ever made he never let a holiday go by without me making them.  Since I last made an apple pie they are both gone forever.

Scott called yesterday to verify I was making apple pies. It’s all so bittersweet.  My apple pie lives on.  Is apple pie going to become part of my legacy?  How simple, how silly, how ironic that I don’t even eat it?


I’ll peel the apples, Aunt Vic…..


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