Look to this day…..

“The life that dawn brings us is the only life we have”
Vimala Thakar

I have been creating myself all my life; forging a being from the fires of hell.  In the gentle rousing of foreday my subconscious revealed the root of my procrastination.  I have books of quotes, in tatters or getting there.  After the careful collection, recording and frequent perusal I suppose they have become a part of me.  Those quotes that I found to be inspirational and instructional are now a part of who I am, a part of my reaction and direction in life.  There are pages upon pages of living now, in the moment, carpe diem’ing’.   So I have taught myself to live in this day, and do that what must be done plus that which I enjoy.  Procrastination is an unintended consequence.

There was a time I lived by a planner, checking off lists, scheduling every moment, making goals and five year plans.  Everything was done early.  I have no reason to believe that was better.  I never enjoyed the sense of urgency, the dread of turning a calendar page with tasks left unchecked.  Now I have a master list of only important tasks.  I carry it around (now on my iPhone 🙂 ).  Things with deadlines get done when they must, the rest I work on when they make my day more complete.  Because that has become my only goal.

So, as in love,  I have taught myself passionately, if not wisely.

“Look to this day for it is life, the very life of life.  In its brief course lie all the realities of existence”

In other introspection:

Driving home from the airport early Wednesday I observed that little window of time directly before sunrise, and I knew that is the best of my day. (The sky is amazing, too – a backlit dark blue).  I rarely acknowledge or take advantage, but my energy level is at its finest.  Over the years I’ve searched for a word, but one was never apparent.  Today, with the advantage of the world wide web I have found several, but clearly my search was not unfounded – no word is overly familiar or apparent.  I used the oldest, of course, and make it synonymous with that period when the subconscious is becoming conscious and is bleeding over, among other things.

break of day
first light
civil twilight (nautical & astronomical for both morning and evening)
foreday (from prior centuries: before day, afore day)
how did everyone miss BREAKING DAWN?


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